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The Convercycle bike is a completely new kind of cargo bike. Loads can be easily and spontaneously transported. It’s city bike and cargo bike at once.



In the folded position its size doesn’t exceed that of a common bike.
Therefore you can easily ride it anywhere you want, as well as lock it securely once you get there.


With a quick lifting move, the rear wheel is able to fold out of the basket. This creates space for groceries, sport equipment or a child’s seat. Its volume offers space for two crates of water.

Yet the bicycle stays very compact in its folded position, so you can take it in the elevator or take it inside with you.


To renounce the car in the city isn’t too hard in everyday life. But when you have to transport bigger things, it’s all too easy to use the car.
Common cargo bikes are a solution but mostly hard to handle because of their size. The load can affect the steering, if located at the front. The size of the Convercycle makes it possible to secure the bike in normal bicycle racks, take it with you on the subway or take it with you in an elevator.

The two states of the Convercycle make it adaptable, flexible and spontaneous.