What’s the weight of the bike?

The bike weight’s 18kg - made from steel. That’s less than a cargo bike but a little more than a common bike.

What material is the frame made of?

The frame is made of steel.

How is the gear going to work?

It’s going to be a gear hub, located at the rear wheel so it can fold together with the wheel.

How easy can you change the tire?

The front tire will be quick change. Changing the rear wheel will take you about 20 minutes using conventional tools.

Is it going to be roadworthy in Germany?

Yes, we will work on it as long as it takes to make that possible! There is no way around! 
Means: It will have lights, back and front and mudguards.

What is the range of the ebike?

Calculating with a driver's weight of 120kg | 260lbs and 
1) a load of 60kg | 130lbs the range will be about 50km | 30miles and 
2) without any load the range will be 60km | 37miles

What’s the basket’s size?

The length of the basket is 75cm | 29"5' and 43cm | 17" wide at its maximum point.

As the base area is not square the effective area varies.. 
We have 
1) one nearly square space of 41,5cm x 33,5cm (length x width) 
2) one rectangular space of 52,5cm x 24cm (length x width)

Will the rear wheel be white?

Nope - that was just a test in our very first design model. We decided it is unfunctional for everyday use - because of dirt. 
BUT the rear rim will be white, because we think it looks cool and it ensures a better visibility in the unfolded mode.